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    About Pentagon Watch Home Watch                           Services & Maintenance

Pentagon Watch is owned by Dean Harney. Dean worked for his Father, Harney & Sons, a plumbing and heating company, every summer when out of school for summer vacation. By the age of 15, Dean was fully plumbing new construction apartment buildings on his own, from rough in to finished product. His father also did home renovations which Dean also assisted with.


 He moved to the Tampa Bay area in 1976 where he worked in the tourism business for 10 years. The company he worked for was a start up company that specialized in rental cars, airport transportation and tours to local attractions. Within 2 years, the company had over 3,000 rental cars in the fleet with locations from Orlando to Sarasota and points in between. Dean was responsible to locate all the vehicles on a weekly fleet control without the help of computers as everything was manual input. By this time, the company was also running a fleet of more than 100 coaches for tours and airport transportation in which Dean booked clients for.


In 1986, Dean moved to the Northern Virginia area right outside Washington, DC and entered the automobile business spending 17 years with Acura and 12 with Mercedes-Benz maintaining top customer satisfaction ratings throughout his career. While in Virginia, Dean owned a rental home in Cape Coral, Florida. Though he had family members in the area, they were not always available when a need arose that needed attention, and when the home was vacant, they were not able to check on it regularly as it required. All these things had to be done remotely and always wondered when and if they got completed in a timely manner. When making periodic trips to Florida, he would check on the house only to find things that should have been addressed that had to be repaired.


In 2016, Dean moved back to Florida, this time to the Fort Myers area and continued his career with Mercedes Benz. Now working with the MANY Florida snow birds, he had conversations with these clients that had so many horror stories of the persons that were "supposed" to be taking care of their properties while they were gone. Many of these "home watchers" had NO INSURANCE, NO TRAINING and WERE NOT BONDED! That is when Dean decided to create PENTAGON WATCH,LLC HOME WATCH SERVICES so that he could provide the home watch services that these clients deserved. Dean joined the National Home Watch Association, which does a thorough background check on their members, provides professional training and backing. They also require that their members have full liability insurance and be bonded and Dean has it all.

With Dean's commitment to customer satisfaction, you can be assured that your Florida home will be in good hands. Dean maintains many skills that can be used in emergency situations if needed. He offers handyman services, concierge services, preventative maintenance service, storm preparedness services and much more. 

Pentagon Watch is servicing Lee county and the cities of Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero and Bonita Springs and the communities of Gateway & Quail West

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