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A unoccupied home is a vulnerable home. It is imperative that you have a professional Home Watch Service to conduct regular visits and report back to you.

Below are basic inspections for your home but can customize to fit your needs.

Exterior Inspection

Interior Inspection

  • Remove newspapers, flyers and check mailbox

  • Visual check of outdoor lighting fixtures

  • Check grounds, lawn and sprinklers and pests

  • Check all windows and doors for damage and ensure they are secure

  • Visual check roof from ground, A/C units and fence

  • Check pool for proper level and maintenance and ensure equipment is running inspect cage

  • Turn on water

           Services upon request:

  • Monitor Deliveries

  • Monitor service visits ie: plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc

  • Monitor condition of parked vehicles

  • Meet visitors if you loan out your home (upon arrival and departure)

  • Open home and pick up groceries upon your return

  • Close home when you leave

  • Prepare your home upon any incoming storm

  • Available 24/7 for emergency needs 

  • Will discuss any other needs you may have

  • Turn off security system

  • Check all windows and doors for damage

  • Check closets, pantry and storage cabinets

  • Check for signs of pests, insects and rodents

  • Check under all sinks for signs of leaks and run water to fill traps

  • Flush all toilets and check for leaks

  • Verify A/C and humidistat settings and adjust as needed

  • Check A/c handler to ensure catch pan is not collecting water

  • Check refrigerator, freezer and beverage coolers for proper operation

  • Check circuit breaker panel

  • Check garage to make sure doors are locked

  • When departing, LOOK,LISTEN, LOCK

  • Enable security system and lock doors

  • Turn off main water supply

  • Send report to homeowner


HHWS is your answer to any questions, doubts or worries associated with storms. Once we’ve met with you to customize a storm plan, the team at HHWS will go to work for you as soon as a major storm has been forecast. We will immediately schedule your home for a pre-storm visit that will include:

  • Moving outdoor furniture to a re-designated area

  • Storing potted plants

  • Installing storm shutters

  • Email or phone documentation of our visit

  • Inspecting your property for ornaments or decorations that should be stored

  • Taking pre-storm pictures

  • Securing of the home

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